Family Trees & Records Listings

Information gleaned directly from Parish Registers; Census; Parish Register Transcripts; Family Records Centre and Public Records Office. 


The letter M indicates that we’ve seen the marriage certificate or marriage entry in the parish records

The + sign indicates that the parents names were listed on a baptism in a parish volume


This is a list of some of those Feethams whose life records we have actually seen (more to follow). The data is about as accurate as it gets.   Spellings for names have not been changed.  That is, we’ve kept to the spellings as written in the records (sometimes different records sources have different spellings).   We have listed hierarchies where we are very sure about the facts. It’s tempting to jump to conclusions and create hierarchies based on available evidence only, but we’ve resisted doing this.  Our approach has been rigorous and based on proximity, dates, context and reasonableness. We’ve commented on those areas where we were uncertain about the facts, but where we suspect a relationship does exist.  To coin a phrase, we created hierarchies where the evidence was ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ ie where we were very sure that the hierarchy was valid.

Our research is active and ongoing, so this section will be updated overtime.  If you have any observations or comments, then get in touch.

The layout is not particularly easy to follow (still haven’t bought a decent tool), but the rule is; the older the generation, the further to the left of the page they appear. Apart from that, we’ve tried to group entries roughly by area. The first hieracrhy is a fuller version of our family tree.

William + Elizabeth Feedham/Feetham        (the ‘d’ / ‘t’ is indistinct in the parish record)

            John Feedham                        M (28th ? 1759)          Ann Tayler      (listed as Feedham in transcript; haven’t seen original record)

            bpt: July? 16th 1732 South Pickenham               b. 1734

            br: 5th November 1784 West Tofts                               br: 28th January 1814 West Tofts (widow from Buckenham Parva)


                       John (Tayler?)

                       bpt: 6/5/1759 Ickburgh       Base Born prior to Ann’s marriage; probably John’s son

                           A John Tayler died between Aug – Oct 1759



                       bpt: 8/7/1760 Ickburgh

                       br. 10/4/1762



                       bpt: 24/12/1762 Ickburgh



                       bpt: 8/11/1767 Ickburgh

                                    William Feetom            (Ann lived in Buckenham Parva)

                                    b. 23rd May 1787 West Tofts

                                    bpt: 27th May 1787

                                    br: 19th August 1787


                       Elizabeth (Featam)

                       br: 31st December 1773 Ickburgh


                       Samuel (Featam)

                       bpt: 8th May 1774 Ickburgh

                       br: 7th December 1796 Diddlington (aged 19)


                        William (Featam :in bapt. entry) M (14th October 1799 Foulden) Mary Sutterby

                        bpt: 18th May 1777 Ickburgh                            (single woman & man named as Feetham from Diddlington)

                        d: 2nd August 1839 Diddlington (listed as Feetham)


                                    Mary (Featam)

                                    b. August 1st 1800 Didlington

                                    bpt: August 3rd


                                    Sarah (Feetham) M (23rd May 1825 Ickburgh) John F/Towler  (name listed as Sarah Feetem. In presence of William)

                                    bpt: 23rd January 1803 Foulden


                                    William (Feetham)                    M         Catherine Powley

                                    bpt:19th May 1805 Foulden

                                    d. 7th August 1880 Pontfaln      (Present at death was Mary Ann Feetham, daughter. Another MA must have been born)


                                                William +          Sarah

                                                bpt: 10th June 1832 Gooderstone



                                                bpt: 29th September 1833 Gooderstone


                                                Abraham Isaac

                                                bpt: 12th February 1837 Gooderstone



                                                b. 19th June ? 1839 Thetford


                                                Mary Ann

                                                b. 27th February 1841 Thetford (says girl on birth certificate)

                                                d. 8th September 1841 St Albans


                                    Samuel Feetham        M (7th September 1842 Babraham)  Ann Daubney

                                    b. 11th October 1807

                                    bpt: 11th October 1807 Foulden

                                    d: 8th May 1860 Northwold

                                    br: 13th May 1860 Northwold (named as Feetham)

                                                                   (Featam on register entry for birth, and Feetham on marriage certificate)


                                                b. 26th June 1843 Babraham


                                                            b. 1864

                                                            bpt: 1st October 1865 Northwold


                                               Samuel Feetham           M (23rd July 1868 Northwold)Susan Sutterby

                                                b. 16th November 1844 Babraham                                           b. c1845 Diddlington (twin of George ?)



                                                b. 30th March 1846 Babraham

                                                br. 25th May 1859 Northwold



                                                b. 16th January 1848 Babraham


                                                Lucy Ann

                                                b. 15th February 1849 Babraham

                                                d. 30th May 1849 Babraham



                                                b. 6th July 1850 Babraham



                                                b. 3rd February 1852 Babraham


                                                Frank Feetham M (6th March 1876 St Cuthbert Gateshead)            Margery Annie Williams (Frank aged 22, Margery 20)

                                                b. 9th March 1853 Babraham                                                    b. 28th March 1858 Alnwick    

                                                d. 14th June 1913 Union Workhouse, Gateshead                       d. 27th April 1882 Gateshead

                                                            Samuel Edward

                                                            b. 1876

                                                            d. 1st May 1878 Gateshead


                                                            Jane Ann

                                                            b. 9th July 1877 Whickham Gateshead

                                                            d. 24th April 1878 Gateshead


                                                            Margery Ann

                                                            b. 21st March 1879 Gateshead

                                                            d. 2nd March 1882 Gateshead


                                                            Frank Henry

                                                            b. 26th May 1881 Gateshead

                                                            d. 27th January 1882 Gateshead


                                                Frank Feetham M2 (12th June 1889 Gateshead)            Elizabeth Watson (Frank aged 31, Eliz. 33 & spinster)

                                                                                                                                                b. 1856


                                                            b. 27th September 1883 North Bishop Wearmouth

                                                            d. 7th November 1885 Gateshead


                                                            Laura                           M (10th August 1907 Gateshead)       William Miller   (both aged 22)

                                                            b. 3rd February 1885 North Bishop Wearmouth


                                                            George William

                                                            b. 2nd July 1887 Gateshead

                                                            d. 4th July 1887 Gateshead


                                                            William Feetham M (31st October 1925 Wandsworth May Emma Mary Ann Whitbread

                                                                                                                                    (Caxton Hall ? William 36, May 26)

                                                            b. 21st June 1888 Gateshead                                                                 b. 20th October 1898 Wandsworth

                                                            d. 2nd January 1985 Edgware                                                                d. 20th March 1987 Burnt Oak

                                                                        Jean Elizabeth Amy       M (18th December 1948 Mill Hill)  David Thomas Glover

                                                                                                                        (Jean aged 22, David 21)

                                                                        b. 20th March 1926 Wandsworth                                              b. 1927


                                                                        Bruce William Christopher + Violet Stella ?

                                                                        b. 23rd January 1928 Burnt Oak


                                                                        William Frank

                                                                        b. 7th September 1930 Burnt Oak



                                                                        b. 16th July 1932 Burnt Oak



                                                                        ErnestFeetham M (21st February 1958 Durban)          Anita Louise Tarron

                                                                        b. Twelth July 1934 Burnt Oak                         b. 10th April 1939

                                                                                    Keith Louis Feetham M (20th January 1979 Burnt Oak) Susan Elizabeth Carter

                                                                                    b. 31st May 1959 Durban South Africa            b. 19th September 1958 Enfield

                                                                                                Kate Louise

                                                                                                b. 10th October 1979 Edgware


                                                                                                Carl Louis

                                                                                                b. 12th February 1982 Edgware


                                                                                    Vanessa                       M            Anthony Rubery

                                                                                    b. 21st July 1961 Edgware


                                                                                                                        M         Michael Ayres





                                                                                    Ann                              M Richard Finneran

                                                                                    b. 27th April 1963 Hendon

                                                                                                                        Unmarried Rick ?




                                                                                    Ralph                           M         Helen

                                                                                    b. 2nd November 1967 Mill Hill

                                                                                               Jessie (step daughter)







                                                            Christopher Feetham    M (21st February 1914 Gateshead)       Henrietta Veronica Thompson

                                                                                                                                    (Christopher 23, Henrietta 22)

                                                            b. 25th December 1890 Gateshead                   b. 1892)

                                                            d. 2nd October 1976 Battersea

                                                                        Henrietta Eva May

                                                                        b. 11th August 1914 Whickham Gateshead

                                                                        d. 15th December 1982 Baldock


                                                                        Christopher William

                                                                        b. 8th February 1916 Whickham Gateshead

                                                                        d. 2001


                                                                        Frances Elizabeth

                                                                        b. 5th ? June 1918 Whickham Gateshead


                                                                        John Patrick

                                                                        b. 8th May 1926 Whickham Gateshead

                                                                        d. 1994 Surrey


                                                                        Joseph Leo

                                                                        b. 31st March 1929 Whickham Gateshead.  No entry for father

                                                                       Children that Chris had with Amy Dorothy Chilman Barnett (d. 2nd Oct 1980) (unmarried)

                                                                        Christopher Albert M. Ruby      

                                                                        b. 14th March 1919 Wandsworth

                                                                         Roy M. Freda

                                                                         Lesley M. Elizabeth

                                                                         Amy Violet M. Derek

                                                                         Sylvia M. John

                                                                         Jean M. Edward

                                                                         Frank William  M. Neena


                                                                         Wally M. Nina


                                                Susan (Feetham)

                                                bpt: 14th August 1859 Northwold

                                                br. 7th January 1860 Northwold


                                    Robert (Feetham)

                                    b. April 1st 1810

                                    bpt. 15th July 1810 Foulden


                                    Elizabeth (Feetham)

                                    bpt: 21st March 1813 Foulden


                                    Susan (Feetham)                       M (27th May 1842 Brandon)    William Grass

                                    bpt: 26th May 1816 Foulden


James Wicks + Elizabeth Pheton

            Mary Wicks

            bpt: 22nd April 1832


James Wicks    M (13th March 1835 Diddlington)         Elisabeth Feetham

b:                                                                                 b:

bpt:                                                                              bpt:

d:                                                                                 d:


James Wicks    M (8th November 1840 Ickburgh)        Sarah Feetem   (single man ?!  Sarah’s father John Feetem)


  • Did the same James Wicks marry two sisters ?
  • Is Elizabeth Pheton, Elisabeth Feetham ? and/or Elizabeth Feetham bpt: 21st March 1813 ?


William Tuck                M (28th June 1756 Northwold)Mary Featom


John Franklyn               M (16th July 1770 Northwold)  Mary Featham


Joseph Feetham            M (banns: 29th January 1804 Northwold)          Peggy Rolfe


Robert Feetham + Elizabeth Gunstead


            bpt: 21st December 1856 Northwold


William Francis Dorman            M (30th November 1876 Northwold)   Dinah Elizabeth Feetham


  • Dinah as in 1856 Dinah ?


Thomas Feetham          M (banns: 29th May 1814 Northwold)  Ellen Pearmain


            bpt: 29th July 1814 Northwold  mother’s maiden name: Pearman

            br. 29th August Northwold



            bpt: 26th June 1815

            br. 20th April 1816


James FeethamM (19th November 1840 Feltwell)        Sarah Vale

bpt: 29th September 1817

                        Mary ?(mother’s name spelt Veale in parish record)

                        b. 15th May 1839 Methwold



                        b. 7th February 1843 Methwold


                        Ellen Paremain ?

                        b. 4th April 1845 Methwold


                        Ann Elizabeth

                        b. 12th August 1851 Methwold


George Rolf      M (7th January 1863 Northwold)          Louisa Feetam



John Cork                    M (25th August 1779 Foulden)Mary Featon



Robert Feetham           M (4th June 1816 Foulden)        Mary (Harrod)            (Robert single man from Feltwell)


            bpt: 12th October 1817 Foulden




William Feetom            M (10th April 1790 Brandon)                Mary George (William listed as Feetham)


            b. 7th August 1790 Mundford

            d. 6th December 1837 Mildenhall (Feetham on death certificate)


William Feetham + Elizabeth


            b. 6th December 1798

            bpt: 2nd June 1799 Lakenheath



            bpt: 22nd November 1801 Lakenheath



            bpt: 13th November 1803 Lakenheath





James Feetham             M (17th October 1808 Lakenheath)      Sophia Gathercole


            b. 1812 ? (1851 census of Norfolk page 02880)



            bpt: 11th April 1813 Lakenheath



            bpt: 8th September 1816 Lakenheath



            bpt: 7th March 1817 Lakenheath



            bpt: 7th March 1819 Lakenheath (Suffolk records FL517)



            bpt: 10th March 1821 Lakenheath


George Feetham           M (7th  February 1814 Lakenheath)      Sarah Gathercole


            bpt: 6th August 1815 Lakenheath



            bpt: 16th March 1817 Lakenheath



            bpt: 13th October 1822 Lakenheath


  • The two Gathercole girls are certainly sisters; both married in the presence of William Gathercole
  • Are the two Feethams who married the Gathercoles brothers ?


George Feetham           M (21st December 1832 Lakenheath)   Charlotte Mountser       (in presence of Susan Feetham)


            bpt: 1st July 1838 Lakenheath


  • Is Rachel Mary Kidd’s sister ?


John + Rachel Kidd     

            Mary Ann         M (6th December 1845 Lakenheath)     Thomas James Stewart(Mary described as a minor)

            b. 7th May 1826

            bpt: 30th November 1845 Lakenheath



            b. 1833 ? (1851 census p11)



            d. June 1835 Lakenheath aged 7          



            b. 1836 ? (1851 census p11)


            Susan (twin)

            b. 17th January 1838

            bpt: 30th November 1845 Lakenheath


            George (twin)

            b. 17th January 1838 Lakenheath

            bpt: not found in register with other baptisms



            b. 7th June 1840 or 1st July 1840 (found 2 different entries)

            bpt: 30th November 1845 Lakenheath



            b. 14th June 1842

            bpt: 30th November 1845 Lakenheath


  • Is Nancy Mott, Sarah Mott’s sister ?


            Henry   Feetham           M (30th October 1867 Feltwell)            Nancy Mott      (Henry aged 22, Nancy aged 19)

            b. 30th July 1844                                                                      b. 1848

            bpt: 30th November 1845 Lakenheath


                        b. 13th September 1868 Lakenheath



                        b. 31st December 1869 Lakenheath


                        James Richard Feetham + Florence ?

                        b. 18th September 1871 Lakenheath

                                    John H.

                                    b. c1886



                                    b. c1900




                        John Thomas

                        b. April 1879 Downham



                        b. 2nd July 1881 Feltwell Methwold


                        George Henry

                        b. 9th March 1884 Methwold Feltwell



                        b. c1884


                        Hephzibah                    M (26th December 1913 Hepworth Suffolk)     John Gotobed           (Heph aged 27, John 33)

                        b. 12th September 1886 Methwold Feltwell                                          (in presence of Lily Feetham Clarke)



                        b. c1890



            b. 1849            (1851 census p 12 333)


John Feetham

            d. 12th October 1872 Lakenheath         (aged 73)


George Feetham + Sarah Mott

            James Harpley

            b. 14th April 1870 Methwold



Richard Molken            M (3rd June 1835 Mildenhall)                Eliza Feetem                 (in presence of Dinah Feetem; sister in law)


John Morley                 M (8th April 1838 Lakenheath)Dinah Feetham(widow formerly Armiger)


Charles Coleman          M (10th December 1836 Lakenheath)   Elisa Feetham



Greg ? Feetham + Fran


            bpt: 4th October 1683


William Feetham           M (11th February 1695 Methwold)       Judith Aylmer

                                                                                                br. 17th June 1722


            bpt: 11th August  1695 Methwold



            bpt: 14th January 1711



            bpt: 14th June 1714 Methwold


William Feetham

br. 29th June 1722 Methwold


  • Which William ?


Frances ? Feetham + Ann

br. 30th March 1724 Methwold            Some confusion over the entry for this family.  Further research needed


            br. 16th September 1710


William Lockwood       M (5th March 1716 Methwold) Marg Feetham

br. 16th February 1734/5 Methwold


            bpt: 14th November 1717 Methwold



1730 William Rolph base born child of Ann Feetham & Richard? Rolph (on same page as reference to Hannah Rounce)


Francis Feetham       br. 9th February 1730


Judith Feetham

            Nicholas & John

            bpt: 3rd September 1733 Methwold

Nicholas Edwards        M (5th October 1733 Methwold)          Judith Feetham


  • Certainly the same Judith as above


Thomas Feetham          M (11th May 1730 Methwold) Hannah Rounce            (on next page of register is reference to John Feetham)


                        bpt: 15th December 1730 Methwold



                        bpt: 27th August 1732



                        bpt: 27th April 1739 Methwold


John Feetham   M (7th October 1729 Methwold)          Elizabeth Falthorp

            John                                                                             (on previous page of register is reference to Hannah Rounce)

            bpt: 13th December 1730 Methwold

            br. 26th July 1731 Methwold



           bpt: 30th July 1732 Methwold



           bpt: 25th June 1735 Methwold



           bpt: 9th January 1738 Methwold

           br. 12th February 1738 Methwold



           bpt: 20th January 1740 Methwold

           br 1st June 1740 Methwold



           bpt: 19th July 1741 Methwold



           bpt: 3rd April 1744 Methwold



           bpt: 11th July 1745 Methwold



           bpt: 19th May 1748 Methwold

           br. 26th September 1830 Methwold



           bpt: 21st March 1753 Methwold

           br. 29th March Methwold

Thomas Falthorp          M (22nd April 1731 Methwold)Elizabeth Feetham (both single people)


            bpt: 13th May 1731



            bpt: 9th July 1734 Methwold

  • Are Ann, Thomas, John, Judith & Elizabeth siblings and children of William & Judith ?  What of Francis ?
  • Thomas Falthorp is most probably the brother of Elizabeth Falthorp ?



William Feetham

br. 22nd February 1738 Methwold


Richard Gilbertsing       M (April 1743 Methwold)        Ann Feetham


  • Are the following 2 husband and wife ?

John Feetham

br. 2nd December 1812 Methwold aged 73

Mary Feetham

br. 24th December 1812 Methwold aged 73     Widow, appearing 2 entries below John in register; John’s wife ?




John Feetam                 M (26th July 1780 Feltwell)       Pheby Everet


Robert Thorp               M (14th October 1804 Feltwell)            Sarah Feetham             (single man & woman.  Thorp spelt Thorpe on banns)


Christopher Walker      M (27th February 1810 Feltwell)           Susan Feetham(single man & widow)


John Feetham               M (3rd November 1841 Feltwell)          Ann Willett



James Feetham + Emily Wilson

            George Thomas

            b. 2nd November 1880 Hessle Sculcoates

            d. 29th January 1949 Hull



b. 21st January 1883 Myton Hull



William Feetham

            b. 1864

            d. July 1944 Hull


Harriet Ann Feetham

d. 3rd May 1963 Hull, aged 84 widow of William Robert Feetham. Lilan Mills dau


Robert Feetham +        Mary Ann Middleton

                                    b. 1862

                                    d. 6th August 1940 Hull


            b. 12th January 1884 Drypool Sculcoates





John Feetham + Margaret Stowell

b. 12th January 1873 Aycliffe

d. 28th October 1947 Drypool


Edith Margaret Feetham

d. 5th January 1951 Drypool aged 33 spinster dau. of John Feetham deceased. Lived in Brazil Street


Rhoda Feetham

d. 4th November 1959 Paragon Hull aged 76 widow of John Feetham. Lived in Brazil Street. 

            Son J Feetham




Charles Feetham +       Elizabeth Ann ?

b.                                 d. 6th May 1951 Hull    aged 74

d. 18th July 1952 Hull aged 69

            Ivy Elizabeth     M         ? Noble



Robert Feetham

William Feetham           M (12th February 1883 St Marylebone)            Mary Glover            (William’s father named Robert.

b. 1862                                                                                                b. 1861            Presence of MA Feetham.  Is this Mary Ann ?)

                                                                                                                        (William aged 21, Mary 22)

                        Minnie Louisa

                        b. 19th July 1885 Meriden

                        d. 21st December 1885 Atherstone


John Feetham + Mary Ann Raine

            William John

            b. 25th October 1844 Sunderland


Robert Raine Feetham + Elizabeth Tonkinson

b. c1850                                  b. c1852

 Is the above Robert Raine, the father of Robert Raine below, and John Charles below ?

Robert Raine Feetham              M (15th December 1898 Durham)        Annie Stewart   (Robert 26, Annie 20)

            b. 1872                                                                                    b. 1868

            Annie Stewart

            b. 24th September 1899 Heworth gateshead



            b. c1878



            b. c1886



            b. 22nd November 1888 Heworth Gateshead



            b. 14th March 1890 Heworth Gateshead

            d. 21st September 1964 South Shields

                        M.E. Szeliga dau


            Louisa Elizabeth                        M (2nd November 1913 Durham)         James Gregor Duncan Wills (Louisa 21, James 25)

            b. 26th May 1892 Heworth Gateshead



John Charles Feetham + Christina Storey  (brother of Robert Raine ?)

            John Robert

            b. 9th March 1893 Heworth Gateshead



            b. 4th February 1895 Heworth Gateshead


            Mary Ada

            b. 30th May 1897 Heworth Gateshead



            b. 21st July 1899 Heworth Gateshead



            b. 3rd January 1908 Heworth Gateshead



Frank Feetham + Margaret Horstead


            b. 3rd December 1901 Humber Hull


            Margaret Hannah

            b. 16th September 1903 Humber Hull


John Feetham   + G.E. ?

            d. 17th March 1968 Hull aged 59



Arthur Feetham +         Louisa Emily Stout

                                    d. 19th September 1963 Gateshead aged 86

            Mark Lawrence

            b. 20th May 1918 Gateshead


            E. Feetham son




Edward Feetham + Susanna Tibbett


            b. 19th October 1838 Methwold



Robert Feetham + Harriet Thorpe


            b. 1st December 1839 Methwold



William Feetham + Mary Kidd

            Hephzibah                    M (21st October 1863 Feltwell)            Thomas Jacob

            b. 5th May 1839 Methwold



            b. 7th August 1843 Feltwell Anchor Methwold



Robert Feetham + Susan Jackson


            b. 26th September 1839 Methwold



William Feetham + Spicer Akred


            b. 2? August 1840 Downham


? Feetham + Susannah Akred

            George W.H. Feetham

            b. c1900



Matthew Feetham + Mary Jefferson

            Charles William

            b. 19th December 1841 Sunderland




William Feetham + Susanna Evans


            b. 22nd June 1842 North Witchford


John Feetham + Elizabeth Smelling       


            b. 15th December 1842 North Witchford


  • Is John the brother of William ?


George Feetham + Ann Neale (Veale ?)


            b. 3rd June 1870 North Witchford


Philip Pooley + Susan Feetham


            b. 8th February 1843 Methwold



            b. 3rd August 1844


            Emma Pooley

            b. 16th August 1848 Methwold (father not named)



William Waters alias Feetham + Ann Waters alias Feetham formerly Allen


            b. 28th


Susannah Feetham


            b. 15th May 1846 Methwold




John Feetham + Ann Wormald

            Frederick William

            b. 15th February 1847 Holbeck Hunslet



Neal Feetham + Elizabeth Gooch         


            b. 4th March 1851 Thetford      (on the birth certificate, mothers name is Gooch, but elsewhere it’s described as Goodge)



            b. 4th March 1851 Thetford



George Feetham + Sarah Flack (Black?)


            b. 16th May 1868 Methwold



James Feetham + Elizabeth Farr ?

            James Robert

            b. 16th September 1871 Long Sutton Holbeach




Robert Feetham                        M (26th October 1840 Hingham)          Mary Ann Lane


William BarkerM (12th July 1841 St Stephens)            Elizabeth Feetham         (father William Feetham)


William Feetham           M (9th March 1868 Forest Gate)          Mary Jones                  (William’s father William)


Matthew Gill                 M (9th November 1873 St John Kings Lynn)                Hephzibah Feetham           (father John)


Henry FeethamM (16th August 1874 Welney)  Keziah Hatch                (Henry aged 19, Keziah aged 19, Henry’s father William)


John Feetham


            d. 20th May 1843 aged 20 weeks Saham Toney



Matthew Feetham         M (banns: 18th September 1814 Bodney)         Ann Oakley


Mary Feetom

b. 1771

br. 19th March 1807 Cockley Cley


            bpt: 10th January 1796 Cockley Cley


William Feetam

br. 10th February 1837 of Cley


  • Is this William born in 1796 ?



Welney Marriages 1813 – 1895 – Church of St Mary The Virgin


1843 17th November John Feetham +21 widower M Mary Brighton     (Father John Feetham)


1857 Richard Hopkin M Eliza Feetham +21                                                     (Father James Feetham)


1867 27th July William Johnson M Sarah Ann Feetham +21                              (Father John Feetham)


1874 16th August Henry Feetham 19 M Keziah Hatch                          (Father William Feetham; witness Emma Feetham)


1890 Frederick Feetham 22 M Adeline Cross                                      (Father Henry Feetham; witness James Feetham)


1889 3 August Robert Garner M Harriett Feetham 19                           (Father Evans Feetham)


William Young + Mary Feetom


            bpt: 20th April 1800 Mundford



            bpt: 16th May 1802



            bpt: 7th October 1804